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Title: example code showing how to create a client API
Author: Matthias (matthias@corelatus.com)

This is Java sample code to help you get started with the GTH API.


It includes a firmware installer, a basic GTH API library and a
couple of demo programs for MTP-2 signalling.

Firmware installer

  Here's a typical run of the firmware installer just showing which
  firmware is installed:

     java -classpath gth_upgrade.jar:$CLASSPATH corelatus.gth.install
     System: gth2_system_32c. Failsafe: gth2_failsafe_9
     Currently running image: system

  With an extra argument---a firmware file---it installs new firmware.

A starting point for building Java applications which talk to a GTH

  The corelatus.gth.* package simplifies connecting
  to the GTH and getting the XML parser to parse responses.

MTP-2 monitoring demo

   The best example to get started with is 'simple_mtp2.java'.

Logging demo

   'timeseries.java' demonstrates periodically logging L1 and L2 counters.

Building the code from source

  You need:

  - GNU make or equivalent

  - A java compiler and VM. We use Oracle's Java 8 (last checked 2016-10-31)

  - The XERCES parser and support libraries. Included in JDK 1.4 and later.
    On Debian, it's libxerces2-java.

  - A classpath with xerces in it, e.g.:

     export CLASSPATH=/usr/share/java/xercesImpl.jar:gth_upgrade.jar

  Once that's sorted out, build the system with 'make'.