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<!DOCTYPE chapter SYSTEM "chapter.dtd">
<title>Questions about this FAQ</title>
<prepared>Matthias Lang</prepared>
<section><title>Where can I get the latest version of the FAQ?</title>
The <url href="">
open source Erlang website</url>.
<section><title>What's new?</title>
See the <url href="">
FAQ commit history on github</url>.
<section><title>Where do I ask questions which are not answered in this FAQ?</title>
In most cases, the best place is the <em>erlang-questions</em>
mailing list at <url href=""></url>. Anyone can
<url href="">subscribe.</url>
<section><title>The answer to question 2.4 is wrong!</title>
If you've found an editorial error in the FAQ (broken link,
an addition to a list of links, typo, ambiguity, badly
expressed answer, etc.), send some mail to
<url href=""></url> and I'll fix it. Alternatively,
if you're eager, fork the <url
href="">FAQ on
Problems along the lines of "the advice about
the importance of type checking is complete drivel" might
be of general interest on the <em>erlang-questions</em>
mailing list at <url
The information in this document is available free of charge in the
hope that it will be of use. However, the author specifically
disclaims any liability for any direct, indirect, or consequential
damages arising out of its use. The author grants permission to
distribute this FAQ in unmodified form on any medium.
Opinions in this FAQ do not necessarily agree with Ericsson's
official opinions. The maintainer no longer works for Ericsson
and this FAQ is not an Ericsson product.