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Remove defunct companies from the "who uses Erlang" list

Schlund was acquired a few years ago; unclear if they still use Erlang

Textendo have a placeholder webpage and mail to
Jeroen Koops (my contact there) bounces.
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@@ -222,10 +222,6 @@
(<url href="">AMQP</url> Enterprise Messaging)
- <url href="">Schlund + Partner</url>
- (Messaging and Interactive Voice Response services)
- </p></item>
- <item><p>
<url href="">Smarkets</url>
(Betting exchange and prediction market)
@@ -238,10 +234,6 @@
Telia</url> (a telecomms operator)
- <url href="">
- Textendo</url> (Innovative text messaging services)
- </p></item>
- <item><p>
<url href="">Vail Systems</url>
(Interactive Voice Response systems)

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