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Add three new recent books about Erlang

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@@ -125,7 +125,9 @@
<url href="">
- </p><p>
+ </p><p> <em>Erlang/OTP (Platform für massiv-parallele und
+ fehlertolerante System)</em> (Pavlo Baron) is the first German
+ book about Erlang. Amazon have it. </p><p>
<em>Concurrent Programming in Erlang (2nd. Edition, 1993)</em>
(Armstrong, Virding, Wikstr&ouml;m &amp; Williams) is only of
@@ -235,7 +237,16 @@
<section><title> What documentation is there in related subjects?</title>
- <p>
+ <p>
+ There are a couple of books about specific types of applications
+ which use Erlang as the main language in the book:
+ </p><p>
+ <em>Building Web Applications with Erlang</em> by Zachary Kessin
+ </p><p>
+ <em>Handbook of Neuroevolution Through Erlang</em> by Gene I. Sher
+ </p><p>
The standard text about data structures in functional languages
is <em>Purely Functional Data Structures</em> by
@@ -249,11 +260,7 @@
<em>Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs</em>
is a standard introductory text to functional programming. It is
available both on paper and
- <url href="">online</url>
- (Suggestions for further books to for this section are welcome.
- Mail the maintainer: <url href=""></url>.)
+ <url href="">online</url>.

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