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- Every year (in September or October) there is an <em>
- Erlang user conference</em>. The<url href="">
- proceedings</url> are archived.
+ <url href="">Erlang Factory</url>
+ organises regular Erlang conferences around the world. By tradition,
+ the annual Erlang User Conference is held in May in Stockholm
+ (Erlang's birthplace).
- In June 2008 and April 2009, the first ever <em>commercial</em> Erlang
- conferences were held in London and San Francisco. This is now
- a regular event with further <url href="">Erlang Exchange
- </url> events planned.
+ The programming conferences
+ <url href="">Strange Loop</url>
+ and <url href="">Tech Mesh</url>
+ both featured presentations about aspects of Erlang in 2012.
Academic conferences about
functional programming are also attended by a few Erlang users.

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