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- Everything on is deleted; the site has
  been down for a long time.
- The 'TCM' tool is well and truly dead
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2 introduction.xml
@@ -313,7 +313,7 @@
<item><p><url href="">The University of Kent</url> in the UK</p></item>
- <url href="">University of Sheffield</url> in the UK
+ <url href="">University of Sheffield</url> in the UK
19 obtaining.xml
@@ -240,13 +240,6 @@
Another Masters Thesis</url> contains a good
overview of Erlang's distribution mechanisms (Section 5).
- Mnesia's internals are described on
- <!-- REVISIT: erlang projects was down at last viewing, 2009-05-15 -->
- <url href="">
- H&aring;kan's slides</url>
The <url href="">
(Ex-Ericsson) computer science laboratory</url> has a collection
of papers about Erlang-related topics.
@@ -258,11 +251,6 @@
- <!-- REVISIT: erlang projects was down at last viewing, 2009-05-15 -->
- Erlang-projects has a <url href="">collection</url> of papers written at the
- now-defunct SERC division of RMIT.
The Trapexit wiki has a collection of
<url href="">
HowTo</url> documents showing how to do all manner of things from
@@ -377,10 +365,9 @@ distributing it are:
Academic conferences about
functional programming are also attended by a few Erlang users.
- The <url href="">
- Principles, Logics, and Implementations of High-Level Programming Languages</url> usually includes an Erlang workshop. The
- <url href="">ACM Sigplan</url>
- Conference includes an Erlang workshop too.
+ The <url href="">
+ International Conference on Functional Programming</url> usually
+ includes an Erlang workshop.
34 tools.xml
@@ -28,12 +28,13 @@
<url href="">GitHub</url>.
-<section><title>Is there a diagram tool for Erlang?</title>
+<section><title>Is there a diagram tool specifically for Erlang?</title>
- Not really, most people use general-purpose diagram
- tools like <url href="">
- tcm</url> or xfig. TCM, in particular, is highly recommended.
+ No. Most people use general-purpose diagram
+ tools.
Some people see
<url href="">SDL</url>
as the natural
@@ -43,26 +44,13 @@
alternative notation</url> at the Erlang User Conference 1999.
- The first thing many people say is "what about Rose".
- An Ericsson project took a look at using
- Rose for Erlang projects, and concluded that it wasn't
- worth using for a whole host of reasons (you can read
- Ulf Wiger's post about an investigation into using
- Rose as much more than just a diagram tool
- in the <url
+ UML-based tools never caught on in the Erlang world. Here's
+ a post from the <url
- mailing list archive.</url>
- </p><p>
- The essential reason for Rose and such not looking
- promising for use with Erlang is that the way you model
- a problem in Erlang is rather different to the way you
- decompose a problem with OO. While you're worrying about
- processes, gen_servers, asynchronous messages and supervision
- trees the tool wants to help you with singletons, exceptions,
- threads and templates.
+ mailing list archive</url> discussing some of the reasons.
+ </p>
<section><title>What code testing tools and suites exist for and in Erlang/OTP?</title>
A test suite is especially useful for making sure that
@@ -175,7 +163,7 @@ BEAM and JAM files.
part of Erlang.
<em>Distel/EMACS</em> supports refactoring and interactive debugging.
- The <url href="">
+ The <url href="">
homepage</url> has more information.

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