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(ns birdwatch.core
"This is the main namespace of the client side of BirdWatch. It is written in
ClojureScript and makes use of the systems-toolbox library
( for building and wiring
components. Below, a switchboard is created, which is a specialized component
for wiring components together so that messages flow through a system."
(:require [matthiasn.birdwatch-specs.specs]
[ :as cloud]
[birdwatch.ui.ui :as ui]
[birdwatch.state.comp :as state]
[ :as sb]
[ :as sente]
(defonce switchboard (sb/component :client/switchboard))
(defn make-observable [components]
(let [mapper #(assoc-in % [:opts :msgs-on-firehose] true)]
(set (mapv mapper components))))
(defn init []
(let [ws-cfg {:relay-types #{:cmd/query :cmd/percolate}}
sente-firehose-cfg {:opts {:in-chan [:buffer 100]}}
cmps #{(sente/cmp-map :client/ws-cmp ws-cfg)
(state/cmp-map :client/state-cmp)
(sente/cmp-map :client/ws-firehose sente-firehose-cfg)
(ui/cmp-map :client/ui-cmp)}
cmps (make-observable cmps)]
[[:cmd/init-comp cmps]
[:cmd/route {:from #{:client/state-cmp
:to :client/ws-cmp}]
[:cmd/route {:from #{:client/ws-cmp
:to :client/state-cmp}]
{:from :client/state-cmp
:to #{:client/ui-cmp}}]
[:cmd/attach-to-firehose :client/ws-firehose]])))