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Eleventy Plus Vite

A clean and fast Eleventy Starter Project with Vite.

Netlify Status


Getting started

Start by generating a new repository based on this project.

After cloning (or downloading) the repository to your local machine, install all dependencies with the command

npm install

Run dev server

The project comes with Eleventy’s built-in development server. You can start the server with

npm start


npx @11ty/eleventy --serve


To trigger a production build, use

npm run build


npx @11ty/eleventy

Deploy a fork of this template to Netlify

Deploy to Netlify


By default, this starter project uses Sass with an opinionated folder structure. Feel free to replace this structure with your own. If you prefer to write standards-compliant, good old plain CSS, this is also supported. Nesting is then possible via the PostCSS Nesting plugin, following the CSS Nesting specification.

Autoprefixer adds necessary browser prefixes. The browserslist settings can be adjusted in package.json.


  • Add more base styles and a demo page that shows example styles and components
  • Add a toggle button for the dark mode theme
  • More advanced base styles for modern CSS layout
  • Webmention/IndieWeb support


Please provide feedback! 🤗 Ideally by filing an issue here – or via a pull request.

Thank you!

This starter project would not have been possible without the many great sites and projects I was able to learn from, use as inspiration, and shamelessly copy code from: