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Example project for a Jenkins plugin which can be used as a build step and also being compatible with Jenkins pipelines.
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Build step and pipeline compatible Jenkins plugin

Build plugin

The plugin is based on a Maven build. Select the Jenkins target and build the project. A target folder is generated. The plugin is packaged as hpi file, e.g. target/build-project.hpi

Install plugin in Jenkins

To install the Jenkins Plugin, go to Jenkins > Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Advanced. The direct link would be something like https://<your-jenkins>/pluginManager/advanced. Scroll down to Upload Plugin. Select the plugin .hpi file and click Upload.

A restart of Jenkins might be needed.

Afterwards, the plugin is listed under the Installed section at https://<your-jenkins>/pluginManager/installed.

Use in pipeline

node('pipeline_example') {     
    stage('Run plugin') {
        integrationPlugin project: 'some-project'


If this saved you some time, you may want to support me.

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