C# port of the Alexa trivia sample https://github.com/alexa/skill-sample-nodejs-trivia
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Alexa Trivia Skill in .NET

This is a C# port of the Alexa Space Geek sample

This is the code refereed to in my 3 part Alexa Skills tutorial series

  1. AWS Setup for Alexa Skills
  2. Writing an Alexa Skill in C# - a detailed overview of this project
  3. Deploying and Testing an Alexa Skill

This skill utilizes the Alexa Skills SDK for .NET.

Key Components

There are two key parts to this project (and to any Alexa Skill running of Amazon's Lambda service).

The first is the code itself, which is in Function.cs.

The second part are the Utterances and Intent Schema, which are both found in the SkillAssets folder. These are not compiled into the skill but are used when declaring and deploying the application through Amazon's Alexa Skill portal.