Paper Wallet Generator for Ethereum
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Paper Wallet Generator for Ethereum

Application Description

Command line tool to create (offline) Ethereum paper wallets.

Demo Output

The output of the tool is a HTML page that can be viewed in any browser. An example output is provided below. HTML Page

As we want to create paper wallets, the CSS is prepared make the HTML printable.

Printed Wallet

Run the Application

After cloning this repo build the command line tool using Maven.

mvn clean package

The result of the Maven build is an executable JAR file.

Creating a Paper Wallet

Use the following command to create a paper wallet.

java -jar target/epwg-0.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar -d C:\Users\mzi\AppData\Local\Temp -p 'test pass phrase'

This will lead to some information on the console

creating wallet ...
wallet file successfully created
wallet pass phrase: 'test pass phrase'
wallet file location: C:\Users\mzi\AppData\Local\Temp\UTC--2017-01-14T11-34-23.830000000Z--b86bab51c139f9662ccea6547a5e34e13d144bb0.json
writing additional output files ...
html wallet: C:\Users\mzi\AppData\Local\Temp\UTC--2017-01-14T11-34-23.830000000Z--b86bab51c139f9662ccea6547a5e34e13d144bb0.html
address qr code: C:\Users\mzi\AppData\Local\Temp\UTC--2017-01-14T11-34-23.830000000Z--b86bab51c139f9662ccea6547a5e34e13d144bb0.png

Three file are created by the tool as indicated in the output above

  • The actual wallet file (UTC--2017-01-14T11-34-23.83... .json)
  • The HTML file for printing (UTC--2017-01-14T11-34-23.83... .html)
  • The image file with the QR code for the paper wallet address (UTC--2017-01-14T11-34-23.83... .png)

Verifying a (Paper) Wallet

The tool also allows to verify a provided wallet file against a provided pass phrase.

java -jar target/epwg-0.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar -p 'test pass phrase' -w  "C:\Users\mzi\AppData\Local\Temp\UTC--2017-01-14T11-34-23.830000000Z--b86bab51c139f9662ccea6547a5e34e13d144bb0.json" -v

This will lead to some information on the console

veriying wallet file ...
wallet file successfully verified
wallet file: C:\Users\mzi\AppData\Local\Temp\UTC--2017-01-14T11-34-23.830000000Z--b86bab51c139f9662ccea6547a5e34e13d144bb0.json
pass phrase: test pass phrase

Creating an offline Transaction

The tool further allows to create an offline transaction for provided wallet details

java -jar target/epwg-0.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar -p 'test pass phrase' -w  "C:\Users\mzi\AppData\Local\Temp\UTC--2017-01-14T11-34-23.830000000Z--b86bab51c139f9662ccea6547a5e34e13d144bb0.json" -t -t 0x025403ff4c543c660423543a9c5a3cc2a02e2f1f -a 0.0123

leading to the following output.

Target address: 0x025403ff4c543c660423543a9c5a3cc2a02e2f1f
Amount [Ether]: 0.0123
Nonce: 0
Gas price [Wei]: 20000000000
Gas limit [Wei]: 21000
curl -X POST --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_sendRawTransaction","params":["0xf86b808504a817c80082520894025403ff4c543c660423543a9c5a3cc2a02e2f1f872bb2c8eabcc000801ba08c5b25a10edb8e72518f4e6f51527df718d090f80cefcf024669340fe29cf78aa0124a95546dc897b6987c2b05efd2be7ed976318174a6bf9300d6f11c1d5d2da1"],"id":1}' -H "Content-Type: application/json"<your-infura-token>

The last line may be used to send the transaction to the Etherem network (using your infura token).


The project is maintained with the Eclipse IDE using Java 8. Building the project is done with Maven. For Ethereum the web3j library is used, to create QR codes the ZXing library and for command line parsing the JCommander library.