Fixes for running Fedora on a Macbook Air 6,2
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Fixes for running Fedora on a Macbook Air 6,2. These are basically helper RPM's for setting up my Fedora installation as described here -

These packages are build using tito ( You must install that first and need a valid RPM build environment as well.

To build, go into one of the src directories (e.g. mba-fixes) and run: tito build

I host the results as a yum repository on OpenShift and you can see the script as to how I automate that.

For any updates, you need to commit the work, push it and 'tito tag' it before running the overall build. For example, you would do:

git commit -a -m "My changes"
tito tag
git push
git push --tags

Then you should be safe to run '' to upload the results to OpenShift.