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Fast summary statistics by group in Stata
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sumup = summarize by group

sumup allows to summarize your data by group

sysuse nlsw88.dta, clear
sumup hours, by(race) 

  • Use the detailed option to return detailed statistics
sumup hours, by(industry) detail

  • Define groups with respect to multiple variables
sumup hours, by(union married) 

  • Use the statistics option to return a specific set of statistics (including any percentile)

    sumup hours, by(industry) statistics(p80)

sumup is ten times faster than table, contents() or tabstat. sumup is as fast, but more flexible, than tabulate, summarize(). sumup borrows heavily from tabstat. The package also includes the command fasttabstat which is a drop in faster version of tabstat.


sumup is now available on SSC.

ssc install sumup

To install the latest version on Github

  • with Stata13+

     net install sumup, from(
  • with Stata 12 or older, download the zipfiles of the repositories and run in Stata the following commands:

     net install sumup, from("SomeFolder")
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