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Demo :

The current alpha demo is available here : (please note that the game is still in early developpment)


1.1 : Levels are now fully scripted, it'll be easy as pie to add content (also credits added), level in progress

1.0 : First demo working ! (Note that the boss UI is still missing =( )

0.9 : Improve UI, add somes bkg sounds and new enemies (meatboy, salad, ketchup, etc)

0.8 : Adding Sergio !

0.7 : Added attackes, tomatos can now kill and be killed, IA upgraded to follow and attack player when near

0.6 : Basic menu added and game over

0.5 : Beggining enemies, first passive IA implemented (can't really be called IA ftm)

0.4 : Life added to entities, tomato can now kill entities (coins for the moment)

0.3 : Sound added, boiiinngg

0.2 : Physics has been implemented, tomato can now jump and fight =D, also obstacle added

0.1 : git is now fully functionnal, to get started, read below. The game is in an early early early stage of devlopment.

** What's Mortal Kitchen ? **

Mortal Kitchen is a funny WTFBBQ Beat'em all game, developed by twelve amazing students from Nancy.

These twelve awesome guys are from an engineering school (Mines Nancy) and an art schol (ENSA Nancy).

Dreamerz :

  • Mila (Memé)
  • Emilien
  • Louison
  • Albéric
  • Anne
  • Clara

Code Monkeyz :

  • Bastien (BastouBG)
  • Pierre (PowerPipou)
  • Jules (DaPrez)
  • Nicolas (Hontas)
  • Emmanuel (Elesin)
  • Matthieu (Matteo)

** Getting Started **

To get started you need to install :

  • CMake
  • Python 3 or above
  • Visual Studio 2013 or above
  • Visual Studio 2013 installer project extension

Then, launch CMake and configure :

  • The sources to src-2015 folder
  • The build path to a folder named BUILD (exactly) at the root of the repo (next to src-2015)
  • Pick Visual Studio 12 2013 compiler
  • You're done !

You should now have a fully functional version of Mortal Kitchen, the gameprog.sln might be in the newly created BUILD folder.

Any added file to the project should be mentioned in the corresponding CMakeLists.txt so other can generate solution including this new file.

Have fun on this awesome project ! =)


An awesome game developped by 12 amazing students






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