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Bob the simplebot

Bob is cool robot but he is a simpleton. He really don't know much. Could you help him?

In this game you can write rules that Bob will follow and help him go through is journey. If he reaches the golden platform, you win.

What's that?

This is developed as my master thesis project. It uses the LPS Framework for the logic part and LibGDX for the graphic part.

Updates of the

  • 0.4 Saving feature added (levels now need to be unlocked one by one)
  • 0.3 Macro mode added
  • 0.2 More levels added + new Reader mode
  • The beta 0.1 is available. The game is fully playable. 4 levels are available for the moment! Enjoy.

Cool, how do I try it?

  • You can download a simple jar file here (you'll need a JRE 1.7 or above): DOWNLOAD JAR
  • If you're on Windows, you'll find a portable executable here: DOWNLOAD EXE
  • Otherwise, you can import the project using gradle. then use ./gradlew desktop:run on Linux and Mac and use gradlew.bat desktop:run on windows. If you run it through an IDE you'll need to set the working directory to the "resources" folder.