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MiAM robotics team's repo for Eurobot 2019.
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Electronics and code of MiAM's robot for Eurobot 2019.

This repo contains code and electronics design files related the 2019 Eurobot competition of MiAM, a French team of former students from MINES ParisTech and Arts et Métiers schools.

For older files related to the 2018 robot setup, see MiAM_eurobot2018 repo. The 2019 repo started from the 2018, but has adapted to the new robot architecture (motors, sensors...)

See MiAM website (in French).


  • ArduinoFunnyAction and ArduinoSlave: arduino code for the funny action (experiment) and for the Raspberry pi slave of the main robot.
  • ConfigRPi: Inscruction for configuring a raspberry pi to have headless wifi connection and to run our code.
  • Electronics: wiring diagram and PCBs for the main robot.
  • RobotCode: onboard C++ code, running on Beaglebone Black or Raspberry pi processor.
  • miam_py: a python package for reading and plotting a log file from the robot.
  • StrategyViewer: A GTK+-based viewer for the trajectories for the robots.
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