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Swift Vapor Build Status

VaporAPNS is a simple, yet elegant, Swift library that allows you to send Apple Push Notifications using HTTP/2 protocol in Linux & macOS. It has support for the brand-new Token Based Authentication but if you need it, the traditional certificate authentication method is ready for you to use as well. Choose whatever you like!

πŸš€ Installation and Usage

A quick guide, step by step, on how to use this library can be found in the wiki!

1. πŸ”§ Installation

2. πŸš€ Getting started

3. πŸ“¦ Creating payloads

4. πŸ›© Sending notifications

⭐ Contributing

Be welcome to contribute to this project! :)

❓ Questions

You can join the Vapor slack. Or you can create an issue on GitHub.

⭐ License

This project was released under the MIT license.