Template bookmarklet that injects a .js and .css into the current page when clicked
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Bookmarklet Loader

Bookmarklet Loader is a template bookmarklet that injects a .js and .css link into the current page.

Pinterest and Instapaper use similar implementations to load their bookmarklet code.


Update the following in 'bookmarklet-loader.js.coffee' to refer to your app's .js and .css. If you don't want to include both a .js or .css, you can pass 'null' instead of a url for either.

loader = new BookmarkletLoader 'yourApp',

Bookmarklet Loader is written in CoffeeScript, however bookmarklets must be JavaScript and URL encoded. CoffeeMarklet does a great job of converting CoffeeScript to bookmarklet-friendly JavaScript. I recommend you use it to generate your bookmarklet.


Contact me if you have a question-- Matt's Blog.