Support for Jekyll 1.1.2 #35

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irosenb commented Aug 3, 2013

I tried running the Jekyll asset pipeline and I got this error:

Unable to activate jekyll-asset-pipeline-0.1.6, because jekyll-1.1.2 conflicts with jekyll (~> 0.12) (Gem::LoadError)

There has been some discussion of updating this to support 1.x, which would be great.

This repo is abandonware, @irosenb ...

Had the same problem. Just edit the gemspec and change jekyll version dependency to >= 0.12. It appears to work.

oller commented Oct 24, 2013

An upgrade to Mavericks has reared this problem again. Have updated the gemspec, path for me was /Library/Ruby/Gems/1.8/specifications/jekyll-asset-pipeline-0.1.6.gemspec
However, still having the same error, after rebuilding this gem. Am I missing something? Any suggestions?

Jekyll dependency updated in my fork here.

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