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StartupTemplate is your head-start on building an awesome web application.
Built into this template are the following tech and good best-practices:
* Google App Engine
* Webapp framework
* jinja2 templates
* python
* jquery
* far-future expires header
* simple routing
* a user model that can accept multiple login methods (gmail, openid)
* html5
* modernizr
* asynchronously loaded javascript
* google font loader
* css reset
* js profiling for admins
* user auto-loading and available on each template
All you need to do to start using this template is to pull the repository into your own directory, then add
the application to Google App Engine Launcher using File -> Add Existing Application. Then start making your models,
hanlders, and templates, and you're good to go.
Future functionality will include unit-testing and split-testing. Possibly continuous integration and
auto-minification of javascript and css