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home folder, vim config and various other tools
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bin removing return
bundle fix eventmachine installing
git_template/hooks fix for ctags issues
nginx adding pmfaqtory-store nginx socket proxy
tmux drop travis status from tmux bar for now
tmuxinator plugins updated
vim plug updated
.gitignore adding vim plugin updating to benchpress
.gitmodules switching from pathogen to vim-plug! switching from pathogen to vim-plug!
ackrc some updates to railsrc and irbrc
agignore adding sift
aliases some aliases for notes/secrets
bash_profile remove JAVA_HOME
crontab adding crontab to workbench, clean log files every4hrs
ctags improving ctags
gemrc adding some ri doc commands, other tidy ups
gitconfig Adding gitmessage template
gitignore adding mdlinkref script
gitmessage Adding gitmessage template
inputrc minor updates, adding inputrc for bash history arrow completion
irbrc disbling Hirb for Rails 2 apps
ls++.conf adding ls++
my.cnf back to mysql56 cnf
pow adding bundler and pow
powconfig adjusting for no more Rails 2
pryrc adding pryrc, plugins updated
psqlrc adding psqlrc
railsrc Hirb removed
rsync_exclude rsync backup exclude updaed
sift.conf adding sift
synergy cleanup files, adjusted rsync commands
tmux.conf adding swap window command for tmux
vimrc setting encrypt method

My Workbench

My own vim folder, dotfiles and handy scripts. Plug is used for vim plugins. You can install (or refresh) symlinks to the workbench with;

$ cd workbench
$ ./bin/benchpress

The Toolbelt

  • Vim
  • Tmux
  • Tmuxinator
  • Bash aliases, bash_profile
  • Dot files for ctags, ack, ag, rsync, synergy, rails, irb, gems and more
  • Global git hooks and custom merges


The tmux/ directory contains various segments for my tmux status bar, and a custom theme. It all comes together to look something like this;

tmux theme status bar screenshot


I change and commit to this toolbox regularly. In some rare occasions it might be in a broken state. If you intend to use this repository yourself, its probably better if you fork it.

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