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A coldfusion 8 JWT component for encoding and decoding JSON Web Tokens. Works with ColdFusion 8 and above (see the branch for cfscript version)
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Latest commit 31fae4d Mattijs Spierings corrected issue with UTC epoch time for CFML8


JWT Coldfusion 8 component, loosly based on PHP version @

Description:        This component exposes a encode and decode function which let you decode a JSON Web Token or create one
                    The component is specially written for Coldfusion 8 because of the platform I had to work on.
                    It will also work on newer coldfusions (havent tested it yet), whereas CFML 10 finally added the HMac() function which would make
                    the CFHashMac redudant.

                    If you rewrite this component, please Fork it.

Author:             Mattijs Spierings
Date:               12/5/2014
License:            GPL V2

Reference on JWT:

To do:
    add encryption options of header and payload to create JWE

    If you are using another version than Coldfusion 8, please check my comments at the function getCurrentUtcTime concerning proper epoch time.
    I haven't been able to test this on other versions than CFML 8

See example.cfm file for encoding and decoding
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