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Anima Render

⚠️ The next version of anima-render is being developed at mattiascibien/anima. This repository will not be maintained anymore, except for a last update to move from nuget to vcpkg for dependencies management.

Anima Render is a OpenGL 2.0 scene renderer that started as a university project and then eveolved into an open-source (BSD licensed) one.

Master: Build status

Develop: Build status


  • Rendering of obj models
  • Support for TGA, PNG and BMP textures
  • Experimental support for drawing optimized primitives
    • Cube
    • Quad
    • Geosphere
    • Tesselated sphere
  • Support for shaders including fullscreen effects (some of them are included in the repository anima-render-content)
    • PhongBlinn Lighting
    • Cook Torrance Lighing
  • Multiple cameras (cycle with 'O' and 'P')