An experiment using goroutines and channels to create a simple HTTP flooder. Mixes GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, ... to one baseline URL.
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baby-gopher http-flooder

You probably don't want to use this, but it starts X amount of requests to the server, doing Y at a time. It's sort of like ab, but much more limited and error prone.


After a git clone;

$ go build
$ ./http-flooder 50 100000 http://yoursite.tld

This starts 100000 requests to http://yoursite.tld, doing 50 requests at a time.


Here's what it looks like for (please don't run this against my server.).

HTTP flood

Disclosure & liability

This was an experiment. Only launch this against websites or applications you have permissions to. This will stresstest any HTTP(s) server and will likely overwhelm it.

Do not abuse.