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Varnish Configuration Templates (boilerplate)

Warning: Varnish 3 is end-of-life

You can still use Varnish 3 of course, but there will be no more security or bug fixes to the Varnish 3.x release. It's probably wise to focus your Varnish adventures on the new varnish 4 VCL config template.


You can use the configuration templates found in this repository to quickly get started with a complete Varnish configuration that offers support for most functionality. Start of by looking into "production.vcl" and taking the bits you need, copy it to your own default.vcl.

What is it?

A set of configuration samples used for Varnish 3.0. This includes templates for:

  • Wordpress
  • Drupal (works decently for Drupal 7, depends on your addons obviously)
  • Joomla (WIP)
  • Fork CMS
  • OpenPhoto

And various configuration for:

  • Server-side URL rewriting
  • Clean error pages for debugging
  • Virtual Host implementations
  • Various header normalizations
  • Cookie manipulations
  • 301/302 redirects from within Varnish

Common troubleshooting

Common list of errors and their fixes:

Basic troubleshooting:

Click here for a Varnish 4 VCL config template

Click here for a Varnish 5 VCL config template