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A sane default configuration for Varnish 6.x
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Varnish Configuration Templates (boilerplate)

🚀 Need help implementing Varnish?

I'm available for consultancy if you're struggling with implementing Varnish and speeding up your site. Don't be afraid to reach out!


You can use the configuration templates found in this repository to quickly get started with a complete Varnish configuration that offers support for most functionality. Start of by looking into "default.vcl" and taking the bits you need, copy it to your own default.vcl.

What is it?

A set of configuration samples used for Varnish 5.0 with various features:

  • Server-side URL rewriting
  • Clean error pages for debugging
  • Virtual Host implementations
  • Various header normalizations
  • Cookie manipulations
  • 301/302 redirects from within Varnish

Common troubleshooting

Common list of errors and their fixes:

Basic troubleshooting:

Click here for a Varnish 3 VCL config template

Click here for a Varnish 4 VCL config template

Click here for a Varnish 5 VCL config template

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