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This is a skeleton for a nitrogen project.

You can clone this and run it locally to have a starting-point for your own nitrogen projects.

The skeleton was derived from

Look there for more extensive examples.

The skeleton includes two simple webpages and an extra application to show how to integrate other erlang applications with nitrogen. The skeleton uses rebar for dependency handling and compilation.

Getting started

To get started, simply clone this repository and then:

make run

open http://localhost:8000


To create a new page, you need to

  1. create a file src/web_.erl file (copy web_page1.erl)
  2. edit src/common.erl (add it to the menu)
  3. edit src/nitrogen_website_sup.erl (add it to routes()).

To add a new application

  1. Copy apps/myapp to apps/mynewapp and edit the files accordingly.
  2. Edit rebar.config and add apps/mynewapp to sub_dirs
  3. Start the application from the Makefile (Is this the "proper" way of starting the application?).

Have fun!

Mattias Holmlund