Examples for using Tycho to build OSGi plugins
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Sample code for Tycho builds

Copyright 2010 Mattias Holmqvist. All rights reserved.

What is this?

This project contains sub-projects that will show you how to use Tycho for:

  • Building OSGi bundles
  • Building Eclipse features
  • Building Eclipse Update sites
  • Run unit tests for code in an OSGi bundle
  • Code coverage with EclEmma

Download the source .tar or .zip. Unpack the sources to a folder somewhere.

How to use the projects from within Eclipse

  1. Create a new Eclipse workspace.
  2. Choose "Import->Existing projects into workspace"
  3. Select all "se.mattiasholmqvist.*" projects from the source folder.
  4. Open the se.mattiasholmqvist.tychoexamples.target project and select the example_target.target file. Choose "Set as target platform" from the Target Definition Editor.

How to build everything with Tycho?

  1. Download and install a version of Maven 3.
  2. Open a command line shell.
  3. Go to the se.mattiasholmqvist.tychoexamples.parent project folder.
  4. Enter: mvn clean package

Run unit tests with code coverage:

mvn integration-test verify -Pcoverage

Want more help?

Checkout my website for some complementary articles or Sonatype's Tycho site.