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mattijs' dotfiles

These are the configuration files that I use on my system.

This is just a place for me to put my dotfiles as a reference and a way to distribute them for new systems. Feel free to look around and copy pieces if you like what you see.

While building these configuration files over the years I've looked at other peoples setups. Lots of bits and pieces were taken from other dotfile repos (@holman, @rtomayko, @ryanb, @paulmillr, @mathiasbynens @paulirish to name a few), and specific sites for tools like

Looking at other setups and their configuration files really helped me understand the tools I use every day and how I can streamline them for my use. I learnt a great deal from copying configuration lines from others and trying them out, puzzling together my own setup along the way. Feel free to do the same with my configuration files.

My main system is running Mac OSX but most of the setup will work fine on a Linux manchine. Tools I use every day include zsh, tmux, git and vim. Of course there are many more.


This script is by no means a complete and extensible solution, just one that works for me.

To symlink all files to your home directory run the script:

$ scripts/

A little bit on how it works. Files in this repository that should be symlinked as a "dotfile" are suffixed with .link. The script finds these files using find and loop over them to create a symlink.


Uninstall works with the same script, just pass "uninstall" as the first argument:

$ scripts/ uninstall