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MM2 modules for showing "funny" holidays around world from source
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Ever wanted to bring your teddybear to work? - you can do it on "Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work & School Day" on 8th of october or need to get hammered at 9am, well do it with dry-martinis on "James Bond Day" 2019-10-05.

MM2 modules for showing "funny" holidays around world from source

MagicMirror² platform

MagicMirror² 3rd party modules


Example UI of module installed

Example UI

  • Funnyholidays shown in upper notification area

Installation guide


  • Clone MMM-FunnyHolidays under modules in the MM2 platform as all 3rd party modules
  • run npm install in module's directory to install request module
  • Configuration (into config/config.js) :
			module: "MMM-FunnyHolidays",
			position: "top_bar",
			config: {
				showSourceLogo: false

showSourceLogo is optional configuration that will show also a small icon of the datasource

Special thanks

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