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Example to forward BLE beaconing sensors into MagicMirror² platform
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Want to get Live Sensor data to your mirror without touching the Pi hardware? This module enables taking a shortcut by utilizing the BLE advertisment beacons from sensors and route that info via gateway into MagicMirror² platform.

MagicMirror² platform

MagicMirror² 3rd party modules



Example UI of module installed

Example UI

  • RuuviTag(s) environment information is routed to MagicMirror platform.
  • (optional) Movesense tag is used as a control platform / "poor man's" power switch for demo purposes

Installation guide

Out of scope

Clone and configure module

  • Clone MMM-SensorGateway under modules in the MM2 platform as all 3rd party modules
  • run npm install in module's directory to install websocket and exec modules.
  • Configuration (into config/config.js) :
			module: "MMM-SensorGateway",
			position: "bottom_bar",
			config: {
						type: "movesense",
						MAC: "01:11:12:C2:18:04"
					envsensors: [
							type: "ruuvi",
							location: "Living room2",
							MAC: "FE:11:11:1C:11:11"
							type: "ruuvi",
							location: "Bedroom",
							MAC: "D3:21:CC:34:DF:95"
							type: "ruuvi",
							location: "Balcony",
							MAC: "CE:90:63:D7:33:60"

controlsensor is optional configuration block

MAC please note all MAC ADDRESSES are in UPPERCASE

location is arbitrary string

type is for future development

Install script for Gateway

  • run install script with root priviledges : MagicMirror/modules/MMM-SensorGateway $ sudo ./
    • This will setup an service that will kick in during RasPi boot-up
  • Expected output
Remove existing service
Removed /etc/systemd/system/
Creating service
Write service file
Write launcher file /usr/share/local_blegateway/
Enable service
Created symlink /etc/systemd/system/ → /lib/systemd/system/local_blegateway.service.

If everything went well, service can be started, stoped and status checked
by normal service commands, like:
   sudo service local_blegateway start
   sudo service local_blegateway status
   sudo service local_blegateway stop
  • Start service (or reboot Pi) : sudo service local_blegateway start
    • (optional) verify that service is running:
sudo service local_blegateway status

--> you should expect seeing the packets routed:

Oct 16 19:45:40 raspberrypi[962]: {'temp': 22, 'battery': 0, 'state': 1, 'packet': 189, 'MAC': '0A:1C:1C:12:18:04', 'type': 'movesense'}
Oct 16 19:45:40 raspberrypi[962]: {'acceleration': 1003.0807544759296, 'pressure': 1008.86, 'temperature': 20.17, 'acceleration_y': -9, 'acceleration_x': -9, 'battery': 3043, 'acceleration_z': 1003, 'data_for


  • Gateway and MM2 module uses TCP port 8001 for communicating (check if another software is using this)
  • Gateway can be changed to route beacons to local network (for example debugging from PC). See def _main(argv): in
  • Run gateway manually go to gateway folder and sudo python
  • Check that MAC ADDRESSES are in UPPERCASE in configuration
  • RuuviTags are broadcasting with Data Format 3 Protocol Specification (RAWv1)

Special thanks

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