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This is an implementation of Todo-Backend.

This implementation uses modern Javascript features like decorators. It combines a few libraries meant to organize and simplify your node.js stack while taking advantage of ES6/7 features.

How the code works

This codebase uses app-context to boot and initialize the application. This is managed by the app-context.js file. It uses a few community-based initializers to read and environment-specific config file, connects to the MongoDB endpoint in the configuration, and then creates and starts an express server. You might notice that babel is being used in this project but never referenced explicitly. This is because app-context will recognize the .babelrc file and automatically load babel into your project.

The express initializer will create a new server and add a default set of middleware to it (check the docs), then it will pass the server to the router.js file to add routes.

We configure the server with a set of routes using a resolver that will lazy-load modules as they are needed by the router. This resolver expects to find a class that it will lazily instantiate. It will then call the methods passed to the resolve calls, expecting a promise. It will take the response and encode it as JSON. The resolve.errorHandler at the end of the file will catch errors thrown through promises in the resolved handlers, encoding them properly as JSON and setting the status code correctly.

The Todo routes are handled in routes/todos.js (referenced by the resolver). Here we grab a model from MongoDB (which uses promises) and use it to do some basic CRUD operations. Thanks to a lot of beautiful language features in new versions of Javascript we can make the handler methods super terse. To make the methods even shorter we use @view from @mattinsler/garnish to transform the returned records before they're sent to the client.

If you want any help or just want to tell me how horrible my code is, please reach out to me!


An implementation of Todo-Backend using modern Javascript features



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