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Git Sumatra integration

What is it

This is a git repo to test the support of git to sumatra.

How to use it

Example project sumatra

To run the example project only with python:

python src/example_project/main.py src/example_project/default.param

To run the example project with sumatra:

smt run --simulator=python --main=src/example_project/main.py src/example_project/default.param

Neuronvisio and sumatra integration

You need neuronvisio installed.

To run in plain python:

python src/neuronvisiotest/medium_model_main.py src/neuronvisiotest/default.param

To run the neuronvisio example with sumatra refactored from neuronvisio:

smt run --simulator=python --main=src/neuronvisiotest/medium_model_main.py src/neuronvisiotest/default.param