A small script to run ecell with ipython and matplotlib
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Quick Ecell README

This is a file that shows out to to use ecell in an ipython session with the pylab integration. Note that you need to convert the .em to .eml files first. This can be done using the ecell3-em2eml command.

The classical skeleton is found in the demo class:

# Load the model and create the objs
qE = QuickEcell('simple_ecell_mod.eml')

# Create the variables.
# the name has to match the one you've used in the model
variables = ['S', 'P']

# Create the loggers to have the data
loggers = qE.createLoggers(variables)

# Run and plot it.
qE.run_and_plot(1000, variables, loggers)

Basically copy and paste that as your main script, or create a main method which resembles this one.

There is also a demo_flux which actually test the Constant Flux. Maybe can be of some use to someone.

If the module is launched as main it just run the two demos.


Under GPL3 http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html

Have fun, Michele Mattioni.