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⚠️ No longer maintained ⚠️

I am no longer maintaining this project. The documentation will stay up as the content here may still be useful to some, but I have no plans on continuing this library.


Check out the documentation

Getting Started

Creating a new project

The easiest way to get started is to create a new project using the blank template:

npx degit mattjennings/svelte-phaser/templates/blank my-first-game
cd my-first-game
npm install
npm run dev

If a blank project is too boring, feel free to look through the examples.

Adding to an existing project

If you have an existing svelte project you can just install svelte-phaser:

npm install phaser svelte-phaser

and then import it:

  import { Game, Scene, Text } from 'svelte-phaser'

<Game width={400} height={400}>
  <Scene key="main">
    <Text x={140} y={180} text="hello world" />