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function c = fftconv(x,y,shape)
% Computes the same thing as conv(x,y,shape) up to numerical errors but uses the
% FFT for nlogn computation time instead of n^2. Unlike conv, also works on
% matrices (where each column is a signal).
% Each input (x or y) can be a column vector or a matrix:
% - if given two column vectors, it returns their convolution
% - if given one column vector and one matrix, must have size(matrix,1) ==
% size(colvec,1), it returns the colvec convolved against each of the matrix
% columns
% - if given two matrices, it returns a matrix of the same shape which contains
% the convolutions of corresponding columns
% See 'help conv' for description of the shape argument.
% Output reserves the right to go crazy if you give row vectors.
% This computation may not be what you want; fftfilt is a much smarter function.
% See
if nargin < 3, shape = 'full'; end
padded = length(x) + length(y) - 1; % for zero padding, otherwise fft computes circular convolution
k = 2^nextpow2(padded);
c = real(ifft(bsxfun(@times,fft(x,k),fft(y,k)))); % the only real work in this function!
smaller = min(size(x,1),size(y,1));
if strcmp(shape,'valid')
c = c(smaller:padded-smaller+1,:);
elseif strcmp(shape,'same')
rounded = ceil(smaller/2) + mod(smaller+1,2);
c = c(rounded:rounded+max(size(x,1),size(y,1))-1,:);
elseif strcmp(shape,'full')
c = c(1:padded,:);
error('invalid shape argument to fftconv: %s',shape);