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Dotfiles and an install script for easy set up
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In my opinion which I respect very much what you have stumbled across right here are the best dotfiles money can buy, and they're priced to move. This venerable treasure trove of developer tools is worthy of your time and attention. So if you love the command line, and I know you do, then grab a copy and get coding.


git clone ~/dotfiles
cd ~/dotfiles/install-scripts
bash OSX/
# or
bash Linux/
bash Linux/


There is no need to fork this repository in order to customize it. Everything can be customized by leveraging the custom-configs directory. You are encouraged to maintain a separate github repository of configurations for your own dotfiles.



When you first open the terminal you will notice the custom prompt. The prompt takes up the full width of the terminal and is two or three lines depending on if you are currently in a directory that is a git repo. The image below details the core components of the prompt.


Customizing Zsh



A must have for pair programming sessions. The most notable features are the themed status line pictured below and the non-stock leader key <C-Space>



The vim configuration is the life blood of the dotfiles. Although it is heavily customized you can interactively explore the key mappings to quickly find out what it has to offer. Open any buffer buffer and type |<Space> in normal mode. This will open a unite menu that lists all of the shortcuts with a description and the key mapping that triggers it. You can scroll through the list with <C-J> <C-k> or filter the options by typing as seen below.


Customizing Vim

Misc Customization

You can use your own configuration file in place of any of the following

  • gitconfig
  • psqlrc
  • tigrc
  • tmux.conf

To do so you just need to include a file of the same name in your version controlled directory that you save into custom-configs the create symlinks scripts will link the files properly.

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