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a voracious feed reader embedded in wordpress
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Orbital Feed Reader

A feed reader for Wordpress

I think that you should reduce the distance between reading and writing. Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter have all proven the importance of being able to re-share easily the things you love. Wordpress has a nice "Blog This" bookmarklet but it is just another step to take.

Instead, I'd like to bring a feed reader into Wordpress that lets you blog from your blogroll.

This plugin is for folks who have their own install of wordpress and want to also have a feedreader in the same place.


  • Integrate into Firefox as a feed handler.

Goals that are DONE!

  • Create a blogroll dynamically from your feeds.
  • Let you share your OPML dynamically.
  • Let you subscribe to blogs via RSS or Atom.
  • Import from OPML.
  • Export OPML.
  • Support keyboard shortcuts
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Autofeed Discovery
  • Let you mark feeds as Private
  • Tag/Categorize feeds

That's a lot of work to do. I'm going to take a stab at it, but I'd love your help. Let's make wordpress even better.

How to Contribute

Non - Coding

  • File an issue! Getting feedback from people really helps. Bugs and feature requests are super helpful
  • Write a howto! Tell people how to use the app - I'm working on building a good user experience and good first time experience.


I'd love to collaborate with you. Here are the steps to get set up.

  • Fork this repository and then clone your fork on your machine
  • gem install ditz - I'm using ditz to track most bugs and bug status. Type ditz in the repo and specify that bugs are stored in the .ditz directory.
  • Pick a bug from ditz and send me a message! I'd love to help you get started.
  • Easy first steps might be helping out with the intro tutorial feeds.

Buy me a drink!

I'm tippable on GitTip

Other Projects

Many other folks have made open source host it yourself feed readers. I'm a huge fan of Tiny Tiny RSS and I used it till I got this working. I've contributed code to it and I think it's wonderful for how easy it is to get up and running.

Newsblur is also amazing. Great usability, and great design. This was a big inspiration for several features. The developer is also hosting newsblur for you, so you can get this one without having your own server.Like Orbital, Newsblur was written on the subway to and from work.

I have not used Lilina much, but it looks nice and requires only php.

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