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Timberwolf's Roads

A UK-inspired road type featuring several eras and types of road from unpaved tracks to motorways.

  • 2x sprites for all road types
  • Electrified road and tramway with catenary
  • Automatic handling of left-hand/right-hand traffic
  • Random variations and custom town centre graphics

You may also be interested in Timberwolf's UK Road Vehicles for 2x zoom vehicles that fit with the roads in this set, and take advantage of the new features introduced.

Getting Started

The set does not introduce too much complexity on top of the existing OpenTTD road mechanics. The important things to be aware of:

  • Roads have speed limits, with earlier roads being slower
  • The faster a road is, the more expensive it will be to construct and maintain.
  • Towns are not able to build houses alongside the fastest road types (A roads and motorways)
  • Towns will only build 30mph road types.
  • Most vehicles are unable to run on unpaved dirt tracks

Early Start Notes

Early on you will only have access to unpaved tracks, eventually getting access to sett roads.

Towns founded before sett roads are available will build roads using cobbles intended for horses, which are impassable by regular road vehicles. This means as the game progresses, you will have inaccessible historic town centres, which need to be avoided or redeveloped. (Or you can use trams to carry things through the historic district)


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