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Retro emulation for the ODROID-GO
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Super Go-Play

Super Go-Play


Super Go-Play is a combination of two other Go-Play forks (more info here), plus the following changes:

  • New in-game VOLUME button behavior (details below)
  • New hour glass icon
  • Gameboy palette cycling changes
  • Reversed MENU button behavior
  • New name, logo and firmware tile image
  • Two versions: regular and quiet with reduced volume levels from "go-play-quiet"

Full Feature List

The full changes compared to Go-Play are:

  • NES - improved perfomance
  • Gameboy - Additional color palettes added. Switch between them with SELECT + LEFT and SELECT + RIGHT
  • SMS - improved performance, START / SELECT buttons are swapped
  • MENU Button - Hold MENU to exit game without saving
  • VOLUME Button - In game, press VOLUME to mute/unmute audio. Press VOLUME + UP to increase volume. Press VOLUME + DOWN to decrease volume.
  • New hour glass icon (50% larger, 100% more retro)
  • New name, logo and firmware tile image
  • Quiet version with reduced volume levels from "go-play-quiet"




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