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Important an SQL file of UK counties into the ExpressionEngine categories table
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This is a simple SQL file that will import all UK counties into your ExpressionEngine categories table, there are 2 SQL variables that you should edit before running this file, they are located on the first 2 lines of the SQL file.

SET @site_id='1'; 
This should be set to the correct site_id for your ExpressionEngine site, you can check this out quickly by opening the existing exp_categories table.

SET @group_id='1'; 
This is the Category group you want these new categories to be imported to, create this in ExpressionEngine first then take a note of the ID from the control panel, or again you can look in exp_categories.

If you've got any questions or comments then feel free to email to, check out my website for future ExpressionEngine related goodies

The counties used in this SQL file are based on those from the following website:
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