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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Appcelerator Titanium Module Packager
import os, subprocess, sys, glob, string
import zipfile
from datetime import date
cwd = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(sys._getframe(0).f_code.co_filename))
required_module_keys = ['name','version','moduleid','description','copyright','license','copyright','platform','minsdk']
module_defaults = {
'description':'My module',
'author': 'Your Name',
'license' : 'Specify your license',
'copyright' : 'Copyright (c) %s by Your Company' % str(,
module_license_default = "TODO: place your license here and we'll include it in the module distribution"
def find_sdk(config):
sdk = config['TITANIUM_SDK']
return os.path.expandvars(os.path.expanduser(sdk))
def replace_vars(config,token):
idx = token.find('$(')
while idx != -1:
idx2 = token.find(')',idx+2)
if idx2 == -1: break
key = token[idx+2:idx2]
if not config.has_key(key): break
token = token.replace('$(%s)' % key, config[key])
idx = token.find('$(')
return token
def read_ti_xcconfig():
contents = open(os.path.join(cwd,'titanium.xcconfig')).read()
config = {}
for line in contents.splitlines(False):
line = line.strip()
if line[0:2]=='//': continue
idx = line.find('=')
if idx > 0:
key = line[0:idx].strip()
value = line[idx+1:].strip()
config[key] = replace_vars(config,value)
return config
def generate_doc(config):
docdir = os.path.join(cwd,'documentation')
if not os.path.exists(docdir):
print "Couldn't find documentation file at: %s" % docdir
return None
import markdown2 as markdown
except ImportError:
import markdown
documentation = []
for file in os.listdir(docdir):
if file in ignoreFiles or os.path.isdir(os.path.join(docdir, file)):
md = open(os.path.join(docdir,file)).read()
html = markdown.markdown(md)
return documentation
def compile_js(manifest,config):
js_file = os.path.join(cwd,'assets','do.hi.progress.hud.js')
if not os.path.exists(js_file): return
from compiler import Compiler
import json
import simplejson as json
path = os.path.basename(js_file)
compiler = Compiler(cwd, manifest['moduleid'], manifest['name'], 'commonjs')
metadata = compiler.make_function_from_file(path,js_file)
exports = open('metadata.json','w')
json.dump({'exports':compiler.exports }, exports)
method = metadata['method']
eq = path.replace('.','_')
method = ' return filterData(%s, @"%s");' % (method, manifest['moduleid'])
f = os.path.join(cwd,'Classes','')
c = open(f).read()
idx = c.find('return ')
before = c[0:idx]
after = """
newc = before + method + after
if newc!=c:
x = open(f,'w')
def die(msg):
print msg
def warn(msg):
print "[WARN] %s" % msg
def validate_license():
c = open(os.path.join(cwd,'LICENSE')).read()
if c.find(module_license_default)!=-1:
warn('please update the LICENSE file with your license text before distributing')
def validate_manifest():
path = os.path.join(cwd,'manifest')
f = open(path)
if not os.path.exists(path): die("missing %s" % path)
manifest = {}
for line in f.readlines():
line = line.strip()
if line[0:1]=='#': continue
if line.find(':') < 0: continue
key,value = line.split(':')
for key in required_module_keys:
if not manifest.has_key(key): die("missing required manifest key '%s'" % key)
if module_defaults.has_key(key):
defvalue = module_defaults[key]
curvalue = manifest[key]
if curvalue==defvalue: warn("please update the manifest key: '%s' to a non-default value" % key)
return manifest,path
ignoreFiles = ['.DS_Store','.gitignore','libTitanium.a','titanium.jar','README','do.hi.progress.hud.js']
ignoreDirs = ['.DS_Store','.svn','.git','CVSROOT']
def zip_dir(zf,dir,basepath,ignore=[]):
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(dir):
for name in ignoreDirs:
if name in dirs:
dirs.remove(name) # don't visit ignored directories
for file in files:
if file in ignoreFiles: continue
e = os.path.splitext(file)
if len(e)==2 and e[1]=='.pyc':continue
from_ = os.path.join(root, file)
to_ = from_.replace(dir, basepath, 1)
zf.write(from_, to_)
def glob_libfiles():
files = []
for libfile in glob.glob('build/**/*.a'):
if libfile.find('Release-')!=-1:
return files
def build_module(manifest,config):
from tools import ensure_dev_path
rc = os.system("xcodebuild -sdk iphoneos -configuration Release")
if rc != 0:
die("xcodebuild failed")
rc = os.system("xcodebuild -sdk iphonesimulator -configuration Release")
if rc != 0:
die("xcodebuild failed")
# build the merged library using lipo
moduleid = manifest['moduleid']
libpaths = ''
for libfile in glob_libfiles():
libpaths+='%s ' % libfile
os.system("lipo %s -create -output build/lib%s.a" %(libpaths,moduleid))
def package_module(manifest,mf,config):
name = manifest['name'].lower()
moduleid = manifest['moduleid'].lower()
version = manifest['version']
modulezip = '' % (moduleid,version)
if os.path.exists(modulezip): os.remove(modulezip)
zf = zipfile.ZipFile(modulezip, 'w', zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED)
modulepath = 'modules/iphone/%s/%s' % (moduleid,version)
zf.write(mf,'%s/manifest' % modulepath)
libname = 'lib%s.a' % moduleid
zf.write('build/%s' % libname, '%s/%s' % (modulepath,libname))
docs = generate_doc(config)
if docs!=None:
for doc in docs:
for file, html in doc.iteritems():
filename = string.replace(file,'.md','.html')
for dn in ('assets','example','platform'):
if os.path.exists(dn):
zip_dir(zf,dn,'%s/%s' % (modulepath,dn),['README'])
zf.write('LICENSE','%s/LICENSE' % modulepath)
zf.write('module.xcconfig','%s/module.xcconfig' % modulepath)
exports_file = 'metadata.json'
if os.path.exists(exports_file):
zf.write(exports_file, '%s/%s' % (modulepath, exports_file))
if __name__ == '__main__':
manifest,mf = validate_manifest()
config = read_ti_xcconfig()
sdk = find_sdk(config)
sys.path.append(os.path.join(sdk, "common"))