Declarative SkiaSharp drawings - eg SVG or XAML
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This is something that I am playing around with to see if there was a way to do all SkiaSharp drawing using a markup language, such as XAML. This will allow for some cool things that could happen later on.

All of this was inspired by this forum post: Feel free to comment on this post and chat with the OP.

Right now I have a very rough bit of code, but it has the start of something bigger. Take, for example, this chunk of Xamarin.Forms XAML:

        <g:Rectangle Top="20" Left="10" Width="120" Height="110" 
                     FillColor="Red" ClipChildren="true">
            <g:Oval Top="10" Left="10" Width="10" Height="10" 
                    StrokeColor="Blue" StrokeWidth="2" />
            <g:Oval Top="50" Left="60" Width="50" Height="100" 
                    StrokeColor="Green" StrokeWidth="6" />
        <g:Line Top="5" Left="5" Width="200" Height="150"
                StrokeColor="Purple" StrokeWidth="3" />

It can produce an image:


This is way cooler and less work than having to write out a big chunk of C# code.

Right now I have a very crude engine, but can be improved. It supports:

  • shapes - rectangles, ovals, circles, and lines
  • clipping
  • stroke width and color
  • fill color