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Pandownloader Chrome Extension

This chrome extension allows you to download a Youtube version of the currently playing song on Pandora. I got annoyed with how long it took to copy the track info, find a youtube track and then go to a converter site so I automated it!

How it achieves this:
  • Grabs song title and artists name through jQuery
  • Hits the YouTube API and finds the first video that matches the track info
  • Then passes the video url to and downloads the resulting track

However sometimes this script will download the webpage of the converting site instead of an MP3 file. I believe it may be YoutubeInMP3's response when the track isn't in their database yet. If this happens, I usually wait 10-20 seconds, while they convert the new track, and then try again. It will usually download the MP3 after a certain amount of time.


I read somewhere that the Chrome Web Store doesn't allow extensions that download from YouTube. You can however install this script in development mode if you would like to use it!

  • First download all the files of this project (unzip them if they are in a zip file)
  • Put them somewhere in your filesystem where they can live permanently
  • Then open Chrome and go to "Window" > "Extensions"
  • Check the developer mode checkbox in the top right of the page
  • Then click 'Load unpacked extension...' and navigate to where you put the files
  • Then enable the extension and you should be good to go!

Feel free to improve this script! I look forward to your pull requests!