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UI Installation


Follow these steps to get the Socorro UI up and running.


Set up Apache with a vhost as you see fit. You will either need AllowOverride to enable .htaccess files or you may paste the .htaccess rules into your vhost.

KohanaPHP Installation

  1. Copy .htaccess file and edit the host path if your webapp is not at the domain root.:

    cp htaccess-dist .htaccess
    vim .htaccess
  2. Copy application/config/config.php-dist and change the hosting path and domain.:

    cp application/config/config.php-dist application/config/config.php
    vim application/config/config.php

For a production install, you may want to set $config['display_errors'] to FALSE.

  1. Copy application/config/database.php and edit its database settings.:

    cp application/config/database.php-dist application/config/database.php
    vim application/config/database.php
  2. Copy application/config/cache.php and update the cache setting to be file-based or memcache-based.:

    cp application/config/cache.php-dist application/config/cache.php
     vim application/config/cache.php
  3. If you selected memcache-based caching, copy application/config/cache_memcache.php and update the settings accordingly.:

    cp application/config/cache_memcache.php-dist application/config/cache_memcache.php
    vim application/config/cache_memcache.php
  4. Copy all other config -dist files to their config location.:

    cp application/config/application.php-dist application/config/application.php
    cp application/config/webserviceclient.php-dist application/config/webserviceclient.php
    cp application/config/daily.php-dist application/config/daily.php
    cp application/config/products.php-dist application/config/products.php
  5. Copy application/config/auth.php and edit it to setup your preferred authentication method, or to disable authentication. Edit $config['driver'] to change your authentication method. Edit $config['proto'] to remove the https requirement if necessary.:

    cp application/config/auth.php-dist application/config/auth.php
    vim application/config/auth.php
  6. If you are using LDAP, copy application/config/ldap.php and edit its settings.:

    cp application/config/ldap.php-dist application/config/ldap.php
    vim application/config/ldap.php
  7. Ensure that the application logs and cache directories are writeable.:

    a+rw application/logs application/cache

Dump Files

Socorro UI needs to access the processed dump files via HTTP. You will need to setup Apache or some other system to ensure that dump files may be accessed at '<UUID>.jsonz' . This can be accomplished via mod_rewrite rules, just like in the next section "Serving Raw dump files".

Example config: processeddumps.mod_rewrite.txt

Next, update the $config['crash_dump_local_url'] value in application/config/application.php to point to the proper directory.

Raw Dump Files

When a user is logged in to Socorro UI as an admin, they may view raw crash dump files. These raw crashes can be served up by Apache by adding the following rewrite rules. The values should match the values in the middleware code at scripts/config/ settings. Links to raw dumps are available in the{uuid} crash report pages.

Example config: webapp-php/docs/rawdumps.mod_rewrite.txt

Next, update the $config['raw_dump_url'] value in application/config/application.php to point to the proper directory.

Web Services

Many parts of Socorro UI rely on web services provided by the Python-based middleware layer.


Copy the scripts/config/ file, edit it accordingly and execute the script to listen on the indicated port.:

cp scripts/config/ scripts/config/
vim scripts/config/
python scripts/ 8083

Socorro UI

Copy application/config/webserviceclient.php, edit the file and change $config['socorro_hostname'] to contain the proper hostname and port number. If necessary, update $config['basic_auth']:

cp application/config/webserviceclient.php-dist application/config/webserviceclient.php
vim application/config/webserviceclient.php

Testing Your Setup

There are 2 ways in which you can test your Socorro UI setup.


Visit the website containing the Socorro UI, and click Advanced Search. Perform a search for the product you've added to the site, which you know have crash reports associated with it in the reports table in your database.


Within the search results set you received, click a signature in the results set. Next click the timestamp for a particular signature, which will take you to a page that displays an individual crash report.

Trouble Shooting

println the sql

To see what SQL queries are being executed: Edit 'webapp-php/system/libraries/Database.php' line 443 Kohana::log('debug', $sql); Do a svn ignore on this file, if you plan on checking in code.

This will show up in the debug log 'application/logs/date.log.php'

Examine your database and see why you don't get the expected results.


Is your '.htaccess' properly setup?

/report/pending never goes to /report/index?

If you see a pending screen and didn't expect one this means that the record in report and dumps couldn't be joined so it's waiting for the processor on the backend to populate one or both tables. Investigate with the uuid and look at reports and dump tables.

Config Files

Ensure that the appropriate config files in webapp/application/config have been copied from .php-dist to .php