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Client side for Simple Chat

To Run

From command line,
cd into directory, run java ClientConsole <loginID> [hostIP] [hostPort]
(You might need to re-compile the java first: javac


Command messages all start with #
#quit -- quits the client and closes the program
#logoff -- logs off of the server
#sethost <hostIP> -- sets a new server host (must be logged off first)
#setport <hostport> -- sets a new server port (must be logged off first)
#login -- logs back into the server
#gethost -- echos the server IP you are connected to
#getport -- echos the server port you are connected to
#block <userID> -- blocks messages from userID (beta)
#unblock <userID> -- unblocks messages from userID (beta)
#unblock -- unblocks all blocked users (beta)
#whoiblock -- echos who you are currently blocking (beta)
#whoblocksme-- echos who is blocking you (alpha)