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Author(s): Matthew Loper
See LICENCE.txt for licensing and contact information.
__author__ = 'matt'
__all__ = [] # added to incrementally below
import ch
from ch import Ch
import numpy as np
class LogicFunc(Ch):
dterms = 'a' # we keep this here so that changes to children of "a" will trigger cache changes
terms = 'args', 'kwargs', 'funcname'
def compute_r(self):
arr = self.a
fn = getattr(np, self.funcname)
return fn(arr, *self.args, **self.kwargs)
def compute_dr_wrt(self, wrt):
unaries = 'all', 'any', 'isfinite', 'isinf', 'isnan', 'isneginf', 'isposinf', 'logical_not'
for unary in unaries:
exec("def %s(a, *args, **kwargs): return LogicFunc(a=a, args=args, kwargs=kwargs, funcname='%s')" % (unary, unary))
__all__ += unaries
if __name__ == '__main__':
import ch
print all(np.array([1,2,3]))
print isinf(np.array([0,2,3]))