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Plugin for pre-commit for arbitrary search and replace on committed files.


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This is a plugin for pre-commit that will run search and replace string operations against files to be committed. Note that this plugin operates on each line of a file therefore multiple line patterns are not supported.


By default, a YAML config file is loaded at .pre-commit-search-and-replace.yaml in the root of the repo. This config file should be a list of entries specifying any of the following keys:

  • search: (required) the string or regexp to search for. To use a regexp, start and end with slashes. e.g. /^mypattern/
  • replacement: the string to replace matched strings with. If specified, files will "fixed". Match groups can be referenced here (e.g. \1)
  • insensitive: boolean whether the regexp should be case-insensitive. default: false
  • extended: boolean whether the regexp should be extended. default: false
  • description: short text description of purpose of the entry.

The config file name can be changed by passing a --config PATH argument to the hook in the pre-commit config. A single search and replacement can be specified with --search STRING and --replacement STRING arguments as well instead of using a config file.

Other command line args:

  • --[no-]write - Whether to write replacements to the file.
  • --[no-]color - Whether to have output be colorized.

Example pre-commit config:

- repo:
  rev: v1.1.3
  - id: search-and-replace

Example search-and-replace config:

- search: /Something [bB]ad/
  replacement: Something Good
- search: foobar
  insensitive: true
  replacement: FOOBAR
- search: JustFailIfThisStringIsFound

Output can look something like this:

example output

Specific lines in the committed files may be exempt from consideration by commenting as appropriate to the end of the line:

# no-search-replace

// no-search-replace

Or these comment styles that support being anywhere in the line:

/* no-search-replace */

<!-- no-search-replace -->


Plugin for pre-commit for arbitrary search and replace on committed files.









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