A userscript which improves the Suggested Edit Queue UI on Stack Exchange Sites
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The Sales Pitch

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This userscript enhances the suggested edit queue to remove the usability annoyances we all know and love hate.

Added bonus:

  • Suggested Edits which have already been voted on by another user are automatically listed first
  • Auto-updater built in, so you'll get new features automatically
  • Individual features can be toggled on and off via preferences shown at the bottom of the edit queue.


Click here to download and install

Source Code

The source code is available on Github. Fork, submit issues and add pull requests as much as you want.

Released under the MIT license, so do whatever you want with it.


  1. Allow clearing of Ignored edits


Created by me, Matt Lunn. Contact me via contact@mattlunn.me.uk (although I can't see why you'd want do ;)).