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Mattly's Planck layout

This planck layout is optimized for, in order:

  • moving work from my pinkies to my thumbs
  • writing lisp/clojure code in my evil-mode based emacs setup
  • tapping out messages in chat applications such as slack
  • writing english in markdown files in said emacs
  • navigating mac applications
  • writing english in a web browser on a macintosh
  • writing other programming languages' code in said emacs
  • writing english in other contexts
  • literally anything else


You may notice that enter is on a layer. This is an experiment and I kind of like it so far, since many programs interpret that keystroke as a "commit" of some kind.

works in progress

I'm trying to figure out how to make some things easier to do with the mouse or one-handed. Right now the combo of entering numbers and using a mouse with my right hand is kind of annoying. I want to be able to toggle layers on, but only from within that layer.

mattly's keymap

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